Course 1

Improving Cultural Performance of Organizations

Nipponica Course 1 is an online class that teaches Japanese cultural basics to professionals in order to avoid critical business errors with Japanese organizations. We take a fundamental approach with a focus on practical application so students are able to remember and apply more. How do you apply a culture course? The course focuses on core cultural concepts which provide a lens to perceive interactions with Japanese people. This lens allows students to more universally apply what they have learned in the real world. To exercise this skill, we present students with situations to analyze using the concepts in a series of quizzes.

Duration ~ 3hrs.

For - Professionals working with Japanese people

Cost - $120

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6 Core Cultural Concepts

Developing the Lens

We approach cultural training as a system. Nipponica has studied Japanese business interactions in industry and their weak points to create a perfect solution! We teach a set of 6 cultural concepts which stem from Japanese anthropology and history. These concepts influence nearly all Japanese behaviors and beliefs.


Improved Understanding

Breathing New Life into Relationships

At Nipponica we cater to professionals interested in improving relations with Japanese people but are unsure how to do it. In this course we help our client's cultural understanding grow and evolve. After the course the client is able to observe a Japanese behavior or interaction, select a cultural concept to give context to the behavior, have a deeper understanding and formulate a meaningful response. This leads to opportunities to forge strong relationships with Japanese partners.

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Course Information


The course will be a series of voice annotated presentations with quizzes at the end of each section. The entire series of presentations and quizzes is designed to take a minimum of about 6 Hours but students can complete the course at their own pace. The cost for the course is $180. Students will have access to a discussion section and each section will have a downloadable reference sheet to keep for the future.